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The human body has some getting used to.  We all have quirks and gimmicks to get people to love us. But do we ever think about just loving ourselves? Women have struggled through this process, always beat around the bush for not being an ideal woman. The picture depicts how life looked upon women back in the early ’60s. Men literally wouldn’t take any part in a woman, if she was thin. Oh, so that’s when all the unhealthy preservatives started popping up..? Well no, not exactly, though it did get the point where girls would actually buy pills to help them get a bit meatier. This was an outbreak that was non the less the worst possible thing that could badly affect your health. Later the companies probably discontinued as the times had changed. With time so did views. There became that sort of “model” type, to be thin. Girls tempted to become this way by doing certain tactics that would make them sick just so they could please others. It was so unhealthy that there really needed to be change. Except still to this day, society twists our brains to think it’s wrong for change.

I think it’s time for a change.

I’d love to share this song with all of you. As silly as it may sound, it really has made a great impact on so many lives. It represents how it’s okay to be different. Meghan Trainer had been turned down by many labels trying to introduce this song. Until LA Reid, a music producer, made a contract with her and look how popular the song is now. We come in all shapes and sizes and this was the perfect representation to say love who you are and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.


One thought on “Labels.

  1. I agree! So many young girls are taking drastic measures just to make themselves thinner… beauty standards are becoming more and more ridiculous. This post deserves more attention. Nice job


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