The Inside


Inner beauty. We say inner beauty is beautiful because the outside is not so attractive. But what do we really know about beauty? Is it really just a way to cover up? To cover up all the lies, insecurities, blemishes that just won’t go away? The truth is we don’t know what beauty is. We just assume it’s something along the lines of whether we have it or not. We see now that the first link that pops up on Google when typing in “beauty”, is makeup. Why are we trying so hard to make up who we are really not?   Now I think beauty from the inside is saying about having better qualities on the inside than the outside. Not everyone has the same qualities, but we just have to show people that the outside is just as great. There is always room for change and if you have a good attitude it really helps people not to get the bad impression about you. Beauty has been redefined in my generation. We are in the process of change, letting others know that there is more to beauty. We define it as self-confidence and strength. We are in the right mind set to make the change, but can we do it? I say we can. Women need to feel superior as men do. We might not have all the upper body strength to do all the heavy lifting, but we do have a brain with a mind of it’s own. Beauty can shine bright from inside and out.


2 thoughts on “The Inside

  1. I agree with your point, Gina! No one can really define beauty because as the saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” We all have our own definition of beauty, and it is not just something that is apparent on the inside or on the outside.


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