We Know It All


We all have suspicions of our own. We may think it’s the truth or it’s false. Though, nothing can be compared to a woman’s knowledge. It’s like a super power that only women have. With this certain ability, we can tell when something is wrong at any point in time. It happens to deal with how different our brains work. From research, I found that females brains are connected across the left and right hemispheres, while males have a stronger point in the front and back of their brains. Women have a faster Corpus Callosum, which helps them process data better and faster then men. For multi-tasking, women are much better at multi-tasking, while men are rather take on a single task at hand. When it comes to emotional parts of the brain, women have a stronger feelings towards everything, while men can process their emotions rather well. Along with emotion, pain is handled better within men because women can get overworked and perceive it more intensely. Though, women have a better sense of memory than most men. Over all, men have strong aspects dealing with brain activity as well as women do. Then that leads me into the next topic, which is women having a way to see from behind. You know that old saying, “She has eyes on the back of her head!”, well it is true. Probably within motherhood you can have a better sense of your surroundings just because you know your family better than anyone else does, but the point is when woman are perceived as wrong, we are always right in these situations.


Cites: http://www.fitbrains.com/blog/women-men-brains/


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