Women’s Suffrage


In today’s society, I feel like there isn’t much acknowledgement to certain terms that were used back in the day. Take Women’s Suffrage, women uneducated about women’s suffrage happen to think it’s something to look down upon rather than an uplifting topic. In fact, Women’s Suffrage was taken to notice during Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson’s terms for presidency. Women were judged by how they would look and the way they were to act, but in The Progressive Era, women felt the need to voice their opinions in a different way. Between 1890-1920, this was a certain period called the Women’s Era, where women had been granted the right to own property, control wages, and make contracts. Then about 1500 women across the US gathered in a leadership group, named the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, which they had valued the push for women’s right to vote. Then later on, the National American Women Suffrage Association was lead by many upper class women wanting to make a change as well. With all the petitioning and gatherings this had been a huge change in the United States. The 19th Amendment was then put into action, to allow women’s right to vote. Personally, I think that this subject is very vital in society and with the lack of this education now a days, people really aren’t aware of what happened in the past. To change this, I would highly recommend others to pay attention in history classes or at least ask around about this topic.



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