In today’s society, I feel as though something is wrong with women’s clothing sizes. It’s already tough as it is to fit into those super tight skinny jeans when trying them on, but the fact that the clothes sizes is what’s lowering a woman’s self-esteem, pisses me off. For some reason, there is a certain image that women strive for when trying on clothing; a size 0. Now why would you strive for such an image? Society corrupts you into thinking this way. In reality, it comes down to the size number to be very ridiculous and outrageous. Now why is it suitable to have clothing sizes 0-14, called a normal size, then to call anything sizes 16-20, a plus size? The average size of an American women is a size 14, which is border line plus size. Why does there have to be this “normal” size? I just don’t understand how our society makes it so hard to fit in.

I blame the stores as well. I recently walked into an American Apparel, and never have felt so left out and to feel as though I was on the heavier size when trying on their clothes. I consider myself as fit as the next person, but when I see that a medium size doesn’t fit as it should, it really disappointed me. They are conceiving young teenage girls to feel that because you aren’t this certain size, you’ll look unflattering in our clothing. I don’t think any store would want that kind of reputation, but by all means go ahead and make your “so-called sizes” ten times smaller than the actual size.

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2 thoughts on “Sizes

  1. I completely agree with you, Gina! When I was younger, I was always on the bigger side and was never able to fit into the cute “Junior’s” sized clothing unlike the rest of my friends. I was stuck wearing my Dad’s hand-me-down t-shirts and “Mom jeans” that made me feel huge. After I got in shape and lost some weight, I feel like I found the “real me” (happy and healthy!), the girl who had been hiding behind the “bigger me” my entire life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and inspiring me! Size doesn’t matter, as long as you are happy and healthy. 🙂

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