Wizard of Oz


A tale of a young,  Kansas born girl, in hopes of someday for someone to listen to her. She is pretty much neglected from her Aunt and Uncle and results to having her dog as her only friend. Aside from the workers of her Aunt Em’s farm, who just think Dorothy should act more mature for her age, instead of having such a big imagination. She sings “Over the Rainbow”, in hope of there being an alternative world for her to live a happy life in.  Continue reading


California Christmas

Enough of the Black Friday shopping, it’s time for holiday cheer. Stores are pulling out the advent calendars, whipping out the hot cocoa, and we’re all dusting off those crazy, obnoxious Christmas sweaters that spread smiles on others. All youtubers are starting vlogmas, all homes are lit with bright lights, and we’re cuddled up in blankets listening to the best playlists. It must all start with a way to get into the holiday spirit, so I’ve written a list. Listen up! Continue reading