California Christmas

Enough of the Black Friday shopping, it’s time for holiday cheer. Stores are pulling out the advent calendars, whipping out the hot cocoa, and we’re all dusting off those crazy, obnoxious Christmas sweaters that spread smiles on others. All youtubers are starting vlogmas, all homes are lit with bright lights, and we’re cuddled up in blankets listening to the best playlists. It must all start with a way to get into the holiday spirit, so I’ve written a list. Listen up!

25 Ways to be Prepared for the Holiday Season:

  • Hot Chocolate

Swiss Miss. Nestle. Peppermint Hot Cocoa from Starbucks. That is all.

  • Sweaters

Funky ones for funky purposes are overrated. Ignore dirty looks, they’re just jealous.

  • Christmas Cookies

You know what I’m talking about, those Pillsbury ones. Mhmm.

  • Holiday Playlists

103.5 FM duh

  • Lights

Inside & Outside. Can’t wait to see everyone out do themselves. Make them pretty.

  • Beanies

Just because everyone can pull it off.

  • Advent Calendars

They will for sure get you in the spirit! Plus chocolate or goodies everyday! Just don’t get the Trader Joe’s one.

  • Lists

Pop them on the fridge and let every family know what you want. Only once a year people!

  • Tree

Put on Michael Buble’s Christmas Album or Josh Groban, and decorate with tinsel and ornaments.

  • Peppermint

Candy Canes. I’m pretty much hooked on them this season.

  • Stockings

Another way to get presents. So obviously get one so you won’t be disappointed when unwrapping that last present.

  • Friends

Hang with them. Company to be around lifts your spirits and I’m sure they’ll have ridiculous stories from past Christmas’ to tell you.

  • Gingerbread Houses

Literally you are never too old. Share them on Instagram.

  • Drink Egg Nog

If you’ve never tried it, you must. Play a trick on Santa, he’ll be so confused because milk and cookies is all that’s on his taste buds.

  • Go to a Christmas Parade

If you live on the coast, there is boat parades that would be an ideal spot to take your partner in crime to see. Or Disneyland, it’s not called the Happiest Place on Earth for nothing?!

  • Watch Christmas Movies

Pretty sure ABC Family is the perfect destination.

  • Fire

Sit down, relax, take in the smells around you, don’t think.

  • Shopping

Get those gifts. Be the person who knows what the perfect gift is to get them.

  • Wrap Gifts

It may be a hassle, but once they sparkle under the tree, you’ll be proud.

  • Poinsettias

Real or Fake. They’re beautiful

  • Christmas Cards

A time to send relatives you never talk to pictures of you and your family when you actually all look good together. Great.

  • Go caroling

If your brave enough. Or just get some kids from choir to show up and stand behind them and say you participated.

  • Take Pictures

More memories!

  • Make New Year Resolutions

Or just still try to accomplish what you wanted to in 2014 or 2013 or 2012 or 2011…

  • Smile

Everyone should smile no matter what the occasion!



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