Occasionally Peter

Males had actually played the roles as females, and as funny that sounds, it really happened. In Oedipus, this tragic Greek phenomenon had people question various things. For one, why did he betray his father and marry his mother? Though secondly, why did men play the roles of women in such a well-known play? Easily answered, women were not socially accepted to even act in these plays. They were strictly house bound. Now, flashing forward to the 21st century, we are still in the debate whether women can do these certain tasks. As a semi-socially acceptable era, we are now expressing a way to encourage girls to do what they want. I so happened to be watching the Making of  Peter Pan Live that aired on ABC the other day, and a certain part intrigued me. Allison Williams, playing Peter, had said in context, “Peter’s are portrayed as girls and occasionally boys.” The word “occasionally” really caught my attention. It’s true, primarily girls portray as boys. It shows that girls can encompass a guy if she wants to because she can. Although the reviews weren’t that great, nothing was in relation to Allison Williams doing a bad job.

Also, recently I went to see the musical, Pippin, at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, and with relation to women portraying men, little did I know that this was the first time a girl had played the role of The Leading Player. This had never been done before and may I must say, she did such a fantastic job. This really shows how women can accomplish anything if they can just put themselves out there and extend the limits.


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