Wizard of Oz


A tale of a young,  Kansas born girl, in hopes of someday for someone to listen to her. She is pretty much neglected from her Aunt and Uncle and results to having her dog as her only friend. Aside from the workers of her Aunt Em’s farm, who just think Dorothy should act more mature for her age, instead of having such a big imagination. She sings “Over the Rainbow”, in hope of there being an alternative world for her to live a happy life in. 

It begins as Aunt Em and Uncle Henry are counting the eggs that their chicken’s produced. Hickory, Hunk, and Zeke are working on feeding the hogs, shaving the sheep, and raking the hay, when Dorothy Gale informs them that Miss Gulch, their neighbor, is on her way to take Toto, her dog, away. After the accusations of Toto biting Miss Gulch several times, Aunt Em agreed to let Miss Gulch take away Toto. Dorothy then runs to her room and cries, Toto soon returns to find Dorothy. So distressed she grabbed a suitcase of some personal things and left with Toto under her arm. She runs into Professor Marvel, a phony fortune-teller. He tells her to go back home and doing so it seemed a famous Kansas Tornado was twirling by the farm. Dorothy knocks on the storm cellar but it seemed to be closed shut, she then runs inside the house and covers herself on her bed. As the door is ripped off the hinges and the bed is skidding across the floor the tornado finally came to a stop. Dorothy was awoken in The Land of Oz. Greeted by Glinda and the munchkins and by following the yellow brick road to find the Great and Powerful Oz, she knew she wasn’t in Kansas anymore. Unfortunately for Dorothy, her house had landed on the Wicked Witch of the East, the Wicked Witch of the West’s sister. Then tensions rose between the Witch and Dorothy. Glinda helped Dorothy by supplying her with magical ruby red slippers, which Dorothy had no idea what they did, but the Witch sure wanted them. Along the way to see Oz, she meets a brainless scarecrow, a heartless tin man, and a cowardly lion. Although, with the Wicked Witch of the West popping up time to time to distract Dorothy and steal the slippers, Dorothy tried to not let anything get in her way. She was determined to talk to the powerful Oz and get back home. When it turns out Oz is just a phony man behind the curtain, everything turns into a disaster.

How was she to get home?

Luckily those magical slippers had some powers to them. With three clicks to the heels and by repeating “There is no place like home, there is no place like home..”  Dorothy was then transported home to awaken from a dream. She then learned that there really is no place like home and she doesn’t need another place to call home. Her family is her friends, and although there are tiny set-backs in life, that shouldn’t deter you to think everything is going to go wrong. Love life as it is.


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