Okay so 2014 went by very fast and I did so much in such little time.

Starting off in January, the new year was a start of a new beginning for me. I finished up my sophomore year finals and proceeded with my daily life of listening to new bands and spending time on tumblr. February was a blur, but March was kind of when everything else started to evolve. The Spring Musical for school was right around the corner, and I got sick on auditions, so I stuck with crew. Then my teacher just added me in the ensemble so I took that opportunity. In April, the show was in action and then Spring break happened. I probably went to the movies and listened to music. In May, I went to Wango Tango, well the pre-show. My favorite band was playing for free so I went with one of my friends and baked in the hot sun. Luckily we went to Dairy Queen afterwards. Then June rolled around again and it was finally the end of the school year. When July cam around, it was time for me to pack for a trip to Hawaii. It was basically my 16th birthday present from my family. We stayed in Waikiki and it was pretty humid, but once I just dipped into the beautiful clear ocean I had no complaints. We did all things touristy and had a great time. Best birthday by far. Then August was just a month to relax and hang with my friends. I went to a couple of beach parties and took trips down to Hollywood, though nothing extra ordinary. I probably was just sitting in my room watching YouTube videos and dreading the next month. Then the month of September finally came, welcoming me into the next school year. I was quite excited to start my Junior year. I guess I just wanted to see how it feels like to be an upperclassmen. It’s okay. In October, of being my favorite month, I was pretty disappointed when a heat wave hit. I wasn’t able to really feel the autumn atmosphere with the fallen leaves, drink warm drinks, and being able to snuggle in blankets, but there was Halloween. I was Lydia from Beetlejuice. It was great, I got to wear a wig. Then November, I went to a couple of concerts and was enrolled in the school play, to do the lighting and sounds. Lastly in December time was really rushed. I felt that I couldn’t get so much into the holiday spirit because I had been so busy with wrapping up the play, last-minute tests, and the fear of not knowing what to get people for Christmas. The holiday then soon approached, and I had a nice time to spend with my family.


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