Facing Fears

So here’s a story that happened recently over my winter break.

First off, most of my relatives and friends got sick. Usually I’m immune to these types of common colds because I wash my hands a lot, but this time there was no chance of convincing my mom other wise. She wanted me to get my flu shot. Okay, so it is a silly fear, but it is one of mine. A fear of needles to be exact. Plus, I’m absolutely terrified getting shots. I mean how could you not be?

You first walk into the main lobby of the health clinic, surrounded by everyone hacking into the midst of the air or rather sneezing into re-used tissue. How gross. Then, the lady at the front desk, who checks you in, doesn’t care about your symptoms, she just wants her shift to end. So she turns you over to walk to another room which then is filled with eyes staring at you as you walk past and then you sit there in those uncomfortable plain as sand colored chairs for the next five minutes. Some lady will then call your name, pronouncing it completely wrong, like that John Travolta slip up at the Oscars. With that creepy smile she leads you into her little exam room where they take your temperature by scanning it over your forehead and sit you down to ask you a bunch of random questions that you always answer “no” to.

Scary yet?

She then tells us, “Sorry we don’t have the nose-spray, that’s only for the beginning of the month.” So now I’m screwed and she then taunts me that I shouldn’t be such a wuss. Saying, “Oh I gave a shot to a 7 year old today. And then to a 3 year old. And also to a 24 month old infant.” Now look here lady, you’re not helping me feel better what so ever. And just say a two year old god dang it. She then gave me the look of come on kid, suck it up. So I did. As she left for a quick second, this lead for the anxiety of not knowing what the heck she was going to soon be stabbing into my arm had kicked in and I started to feel dampness under my arms. She returned and I rolled up my sleeve and made sure I didn’t look at the needle. She squeezed my left arm and injected it in. As she held it for three seconds, I held in my tears. She then took it out and covered it with a band-aid. Which wasn’t even a cool Barbie one, may I add. So yeah it was painless, but I got it done.


One thought on “Facing Fears

  1. I love your post I can totally relate i hate getting shots too. I was well into my pre-teen years before I stopped crying, but what still gets me every time are blood tests ugh HATE THEM.


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