Hooray For Hollywood?


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Galentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. The one day a year that comes around to spread cheer and joy of love. Couples smother each other with chocolate, candy, flowers, cards, gifts, or just hugs and kisses. The whole day you see people dressed in red, pink, purple, and white. There is the lovey-dovey couples and the mysterious hand holders. There is also the one’s that buys the flowers and chocolate for themselves. They act as if it was surprise when their gifts arrive to be able to gloat to others. Lastly, there are the single pringles. Now these people are the one’s you should be most scared of… Stay away. They spend their day spreading the joy of the single life. Okay so they are not that scary, but everyone should just let them be.

Now the day after valentine’s day. This day shall be one to cherish. It’s a 50% off candy sale day. There is no time for regrets. This is the real Galentine’s Day experience. You get to fill up on all the leftover chocolate, kit-kats, lollipops, and flowers you can ever imagine. Also, this day is acceptable to leave your loved ones (husbands/boyfriends mainly) and to treat your self by hanging with your girl pals as a “girls day”. Go see a movie, or go shopping, or spend your time scrolling through tumblr while occasionally showing them funny cat gifs. You decide.

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


The 80s Movies YOU Need To Watch

Recently I’ve been watching some classic teen 80s movies. To one, compare what movies had been like compared to now, and two, just to be in the know of these great classics. I have thought about doing a review on a couple of movies for quite some time now, but wasn’t sure if it really suited my blog. Today I thought, why not give it a shot?

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