Hooray For Hollywood?


This is a warning and informational announcement to anyone and/or everyone who is thinking about taking a trip to good ol’ Hollywood, California.

First off, the past and present of Hollywood has been glorified to look as a place of freedom, comfort, and a place to start over. I wanted to just tell you about all the visual scenes and the dreams we all want to come true, if they can come true. So basically the expectations versus reality. In Hollywood, there is the good side and the bad side, kind of like the Witches in the phenomenal film, The Wizard of Oz. On the good side, this beat up, old town known as Hollywood, is where everyone wants to be. Just as people think of Beverly Hills. Hence the Weezer song. Anyways, back to Hollywood. This is also no place to mess around, keep your eyes always peeled. Stars could be lurking anywhere amongst the streets.

So yes, that might just be Ryan Gosling stopping by to say “Hello” to former co-star of The Notebook, Rachel McAdams. They just happened to be buying sunglasses on the Hollywood strip.

Or maybe your eyes are just deceiving you. This is where I want to start getting into the bad parts of this place. Yes, Hollywood may seem like the most beautiful place on earth,  but don’t let your brain be washed. The public has deceived you. Hollywood is rather a place where stars start, but also a big place of people living on the streets. Plus it’s a little trashy. I just hate to see the disappointment on tourists faces when they come to this glorious place called, Hollywood. So yeah, no big expectations, but do keep your hopes up and check out all the hottest spots.


Oh by the way, I took the top picture of the famously known palm trees on a school bus. I had a school field trip to Hollywood and Highland to check out the stars. No, not stars in the sky and no, not actual human beings. On the streets, well you’ll see when you get here.


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