Parents Using Social Media

First things first, why are parents all of a sudden so into the Social Media scene? This really concerns me. First, I totally thought they didn’t even know how to use a smartphone and now their faces are popping up on my Twitter feed. Okay, so they found out about Facebook a few years ago, and that became a thing, but now Twitter? What’s next Tumblr? They are confused as it is to work their own Facebook account and now they are coming to me to help them set up a Twitter. I’d just like to point out, that no teenager would ever like to help a parent set up a Twitter account. Anyways, what would they even do on Twitter? Tweet directly at me, asking about my day? I feel like they are trying these new tricks out to have a different approach to talk to me, but in reality I’d rather just talk to my parents face to face. I don’t want to follow my Mom on Twitter, for christ sake?!?  What is with this new trend?!?


Parents just need to understand that these social platforms are what us teenagers are using to follow bands and discussing new trends.


Also I never understood why a parent would want to know what we do online. I feel as though, if I were in any situation online where I would need help, I would let my parents know immediately. And not through the computer. I understand that parents feel very cautious as to what their teenagers do everyday, but just do it from a good distance, don’t creep from behind to know exactly every detail as to my every move. I’ll probably block you anyways.


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