Women’s Day


The clarity in it all. The way we have survived emotionally and physically is remarkable. I would like to thank everyone who believes in equality amongst anyone no matter race, color, religion, or physical characteristics. I’m seriously over joyed that there is now a day commemorating women. Trust me without us in the world, I’m not quite sure how men would handle living on their own. They are dependent on us, it’s been proven.

This women’s day, I was so happy to see all these women come together and tweet body-positive, sweet, and intellectual posts all over my twitter, facebook, instagram, and tumblr. I also had partaken in the celebration by tweeting and instagramming about it. It was a great way to let others know about the day too.  Another thing I saw on my timelines were men tweet about this special day too. I mean they were being smart about it and everything. The fact that this day was able to bring so many people together was astonishing. I swear this world can be great sometimes. Though, I say we should have this day everyday. Or maybe a day commemorating men and women! That way people won’t feel beat around the bush. I just feel like our society just gets excited and positive on that one day a year. So if there was somehow a way to get everyone always on the same page and become positive, that would be excellent. I know this world isn’t a parallel universe, but it would be nice to have some people be optimistic always in life.


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