worth a shot


I didn’t really know how I was going to approach high school in a way of being myself, so I kind of just went with the “winging it” method. I got here thinking that this was going to be the hardest years of my life. I blame my middle school teachers for the lack of positive thoughts going through my mind as well. Entering the gates of hell, or so I thought, I wanted to pursue a career in soccer. Sports was a big thing for me throughout my younger years, so why not keep with it. I had the skills, the right mind-set, and the energy, but something was telling me not to play. So, I quit. This brings me to the summer before entering in 2012. I enrolled in a theatre summer camp with my best friend. Now acting has always been a tricky thing for some people, but that year I felt like this is it. I want to do this for the rest of my life. This was my passion. So, now I wouldn’t have to bake out in the hot sun and have to deal with girls who speak their mind a little too much and I was okay with that. I have kept up with acting and being involved with the theatre program at school and continue to enjoy it still to this day. I’m even more motivated in backstage work and love the people I’m working with. All I have to say that there is only one year left till I’m out of here so I’ll make the moments count.


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