Feminism vs. Meninism

As a current topic, previously discussed in many social media posts and spread of word in real life, there has been some sort of controversy between the two subjects; feminism and “meninism”. I only put quotations to signify that it isn’t a real word. Even spell-check gives it that little, red squiggly line where it doesn’t know how to change it to even look right. The irony.

So, as feminism is known to be defined as the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men, by Bing, it seems that these men who are not supporters of feminism, have made up their own outtake, by taking the man’s side and supporting men. While “meninism” is all great with supporting men, it seems that social media has brought attention to them bashing on women. That they tend to think they’re the “superior gender”, who like to poke fun at feminists to make them feel worse about themselves. For god’s sake, who ever came up with the word “women”, put “men” in the name so cut us some slack. They need to understand, that in reality, both genders are not superior to one another. They balance each other out. Sure, there may be leaders and followers in this world, but it just deals with what that person chooses to be. Some people just need to get that. Don’t go out and make Twitter pages promoting that you are a “menimist” by making these logos on jackets. It just seems that with this situation, the progress of equality will now be pushed back in the future.


2 thoughts on “Feminism vs. Meninism

  1. The reason it isn’t a real word is (if what i heard was right) because it actually started off as a stupid joke not meant to be taken seriously but you cant really sense sarcasm through words so some people took it seriously. Frankly I find it depressing, while i feel that modern feminism has become more about hating men than promoting equality it still servers a purpose and when done right is awesome; Meninism serves no good purpose.


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    A great stand point on one of the main topics circulating around right now; some interpret it as irony, some take it more seriously and some actually believe in it, written by one of my good friends whom of which is an amazing author!


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