Honestly, the post speaks out to everyone. The beauty behind equality has been a major controversy for the longest time and I feel as a reader, this post really called out for freedom. I love how civilized and interacting you are with your readers, that I just had to reblog this great piece of writing. Also, not going to lie, aside from “Yellow Submarine”, which I listened to as a kid, “Imagine” had been the first John Lennon song I actually comprehended now as a teenager. I hope that YOU, my readers, will enjoy this post. It correlates with what I usually write about, but with a throwback to the 70s kind of twist. 🙂

Life Is What Happens.

Many People, One World

Everyone has a dream. As seen in John Lennon’s famous song, “Imagine,” he dreamed of universal peace. Though Lennon’s song was a protest against war and violence in the early 1970’s, his lyrics can still be applied to our society today. That everlasting dream of peace and love continues.

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