Old School Lovers

So here is the scenario. You take a teenage girl, around the age seventeen, who is super shy yet very rambunctious when you get to know her. She is thrown out into this world, looking to take the right path through her life. Unfortunately, there were bumps in the road. The past year she has gone through the death of her dog, school anxiety, and broken friendships. She adores the arts, laughter, and jaw-dropping sites. Along with old school music. She usually just blends in like the normal Amanda, Ashley, or Allie at school, but is friendly with all people she comes in contact with. Her life is just about to turn right-side up, or so she thought. A young man, the age of seventeen, with the ambition to steal this young lady’s heart, so happened to rush into the same elevator where she was. They talked the whole way down to the ground floor, where she was about to head home in a taxi-cab in the depths of Manhattan. The rain outside of the lobby had poured down in buckets. He offered to take her home in his blue 1970 Volkswagen Bug, but she so kindly declined and held up her coat over her head and hopped in a cab.

The next week, the young man stopped into an old record shop, where the young lady had worked. Ever so coincidently. He brushed up upon the Cream, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Fleetwood Mac records and made his way over to the register to purchase the old classics. The rush of adrenaline had flown through her blood stream as she ever so nervously handed him the paper receipt. He then asked her if he could get to know her a bit better, by wanting to take her out to dinner. She declined once again. She knew her life was busy with school work and she honestly didn’t know how to handle the situation because this was the first time someone has ever asked her on a date. His head slumped down revealing his dark brown roots in his blond hair and left the shop.

Then as soon as prom came up, she knew she didn’t have a date. But it was her senior prom so she knew she had to go otherwise. She ended up going with a couple of her friends who had dates. Feeling like a third wheel, they walked into the late 60s themed prom. The era of the hippies. This was her favorite era. “With Born to be Wild” blaring in the speakers on each side of the room, she moved over to get some punch. By the end of the night she was pooped from dancing to all her favorite songs. Then all of sudden the student body committee cleared the stage of the DJ and brought in a mic stand. Everyone looked around confused and all of sudden there was a loud sound of feedback coming from the speakers. Then a familiar tall, blond fellow stood up on the stage and called out the young girl. The music blared as he began to sing the song “Build Me Up Buttercup”.

The lyrics basically explain the situation.

At the end he asked her one last time what the answer would be if he asked her on a date, but I’ll just leave this part up for you to figure out.


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