Global Conversation: Migrant Workers

In the book, “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck, he introduces two characters, one being the George, the leader, who is a migrant farmer that has been traveling from town to town with his friend in hopes of living a better lifestyle. The second being Lennie, the follower of George, also a migrant farmer has who is the main reason why they duo is always having to leave one farm to come to another farm. Now not to really spoil the book, I have come to show you this video on what I taken away from this book. In the aspect that migrant farmers now a days they are still treated as they were back in the day. Not that they are treated poorly, but that no one thinks to consider them as a nice, well-being kind of community. They are working countless hours to support their families. Plus, without them we wouldn’t have the foods we need for nutrition to eat. Thank you.


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