Making Over A Garden

The plan was to make over a garden on our Fountain Valley High School campus outside of the English halls. With the conditions of the garden being just a patch of dirt surrounded by untamed plants and filthy, dirt covered rocks, we had quite some work to do. Firstly, we started out by meeting on a weekend to whack the plants that were getting wildly out of hand. From there we started picking up the trash left behind from those pesky high school students and weeding the ground. We took some pictures along the way and with this we cleaned up the dirt by leveling it out for us to plant new plants.

fvhs garden

On our Home Depot and Lowe’s run we got pink, purple, white, and blue flowers of all kinds, but with the limits of 4-6 hours for them to hit sunlight. Along with the pretty flowers, we got some succulents to garnish in between the flowers. We lastly bought more soil to even out the planter and some pebbles to decorate the outside of the pathway of rocks we had wanted to include.


One last step, was to gather and wash off all the dirty stepping-stones and then place them together to make a path. This was the hard work and labor that eventually came out to a great success! The pathway would be convenient for the high school students that had to quickly get to class, to walk along our path instead of getting their shoes all muddy. To our excitement, the kids actually DO use the pathway!


The last weekend we got to work on placement of the flowers, succulents and the stones. We then added a little FVHS touch, with a cute rock that says FVHS GARDEN and CLASS OF ‘16  on it. Then our sign that quotes “Have some pride, please don’t litter” was added just so maybe the teens will think about where they dispose of their trash. We will also continue to water the garden every other day or so.


As a result, I feel as though our planning, execution, and completion was on point. We would like to do this as another project later in the future, to keep the planter maintained, safe, and convenient for the students to use.

Gina Ernst

Nicole Norton

Nick Seigman

Marci Bott

Becca Rodrigue


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