Global Conversation: Migrant Workers

In the book, “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck, he introduces two characters, one being the George, the leader, who is a migrant farmer that has been traveling from town to town with his friend in hopes of living a better lifestyle. The second being Lennie, the follower of George, also a migrant farmer has who is the main reason why they duo is always having to leave one farm to come to another farm. Now not to really spoil the book, I have come to show you this video on what I taken away from this book. In the aspect that migrant farmers now a days they are still treated as they were back in the day. Not that they are treated poorly, but that no one thinks to consider them as a nice, well-being kind of community. They are working countless hours to support their families. Plus, without them we wouldn’t have the foods we need for nutrition to eat. Thank you.



Feminism vs. Meninism

As a current topic, previously discussed in many social media posts and spread of word in real life, there has been some sort of controversy between the two subjects; feminism and “meninism”. I only put quotations to signify that it isn’t a real word. Even spell-check gives it that little, red squiggly line where it doesn’t know how to change it to even look right. The irony. Continue reading


Women’s Day


The clarity in it all. The way we have survived emotionally and physically is remarkable. I would like to thank everyone who believes in equality amongst anyone no matter race, color, religion, or physical characteristics. I’m seriously over joyed that there is now a day commemorating women. Trust me without us in the world, I’m not quite sure how men would handle living on their own. They are dependent on us, it’s been proven.

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